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DIY Body Wrap For Weight Loss

Have you ever wondered how celebrities always look amazing on the red carpet? They’re just human after all, but always manage to be slim and fit when strutting for the photographers. The secret is body wraps. They are a very efficient way of losing a few pounds and knocking a couple of inches off your waist before a big event. A body wrap in a beauty salon can, however, cost up to a few hundred dollars. If you’re willing to do your own wrapping, you can do one at home for a fraction of the price. You’ll both use the same plastic wrap, similar ingredients and you’ll end up slimming only your waist and not your wallet.

DIY Body Wrap

Body wraps are so effective because the plastic wrapped around the body squeezes the skin and stops any heat the body gives off to dissipate in the environment. This causes you to sweat much more than usual, which in turn burns fat. The longer the wrap stays one, the better the results. Do be careful however not to overdo it.

What you’ll need

-freshly grated ginger or ginger powder

-body lotion

-plastic wrap

-a towel

-an elastic band

How to do it

  1. Leave the towel to soak in warm water for a few minutes. When it’s moist wrap it around any areas you wish to address with the body wrap. This can include your arms, thighs and stomach. Keep it in place using an elastic band.
  2. In a bowl add a few generous squirts of your usual body lotion and mix in some ginger.
  3. Massage the intended area with the mix.
  4. Using plastic wrap, tightly wrap the area where you just applied lotion. Wrap around a few times, to makes sure it’s done well.
  5. Leave the wrap for a few hours at least, even overnight if you can.

Ginger has a bit of heat to it and combined with the lotion will encourage more sweating and more fat to be burned. Shower after removing the wrap and enjoy the results. They should be obvious immediately. You can repeat the procedure several times a week, but no more than 3. Make sure you stay hydrated after removing the wrap since you’ll have lost a lot of fluids due to the sweating. Enjoy your slimmer figure!

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