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painful period

Can Having Sex on Your Period Help With Period Pain?

By Dr. Lorna Pender Between 50 and 90% of menstruating women suffer from pain during their period.1 Painful periods (dysmenorrhoea) are the result of chemicals called prostaglandins being released from the uterus, which occurs in response to a natural drop in the hormone progesterone just prior

10 Things You Need To Know About Your Blood Type

One thing that is extremely important to us and our health is our healthy lifestyle and good nutrition, loaded with lots of raw fruits and vegetables. But another thing that has an important role in our health and body is our blood type. The blood

DIY Body Wrap For Weight Loss

Have you ever wondered how celebrities always look amazing on the red carpet? They’re just human after all, but always manage to be slim and fit when strutting for the photographers. The secret is body wraps. They are a very efficient way of losing a

Soak Your Steak in Coffee (and Other Tips)

Not only does the coffee is a great pre-workout boost and amazing for us, but the use of coffee is beyond an easy way to wake up. You can take your favorite blend beyond breakfast and you can use it to tenderize and flavor steaks

What Do Different Menstrual Blood Colours Mean?

Menstrual cycles are a monthly occurrence that usually lasts for about a week. A host of problems is usually associated with the period, including headaches, stomach pain and heavy cramps. Everyone who gets their period knows very well that while there are some symptoms they

baking soda

Scrub Your Veggies with Baking Soda (and Other Tips)

The baking soda might not be the flashiest addition to a kitchen cabinet, but it is a bona fide workhorse all around the house. Its ability is to neutralize acids. And it has a fancy name, sodium bicarbonate. But be sure not to mix up