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All Cancer Patients Have Too Acidic pH. Here Is the Easiest Way to Check Your pH Balance

Our body requires a certain pH balance at all times so that the synergy of the organism can be maintained. An alkaline environment stimulates a number of chemical reactions in the cells, keeping the synergy intact.

Maintaining the balance isn’t easy, as many factors can influence the body and disrupt it, leading to an acidic environment. It’s important to regularly check your pH balance so that the alkalinity can be kept. An imbalance in the body’s pH can happen easily and can lead to a number of problems, including:

– obesity and weight fluctuations

– premature ageing

– weakened metabolism

– kidney and bladder problems

– diabetes

– inflammations

– lactic-acid buildup, leading to pain in muscles and joints

– decreased energy

– hypertension

– fungal or yeast overgrowth

– brittle bones, less resistant to fractures

– mood swings

– fatigue

– digestion and waste elimination problems

A number of factors can disturb pH level, such as certain drugs and meds, some additives in food, toxins and chemicals from the environment. Should the pH levels drop below 6.4, the organism shuts down and doesn’t process any minerals, vitamins or enzymes.

This then leads to the cells stopping energy production and blocking detoxification. Bacteria, viruses, mould, yeast and fungus are then given room to multiply and spread through the body.

Other reasons why the body might become acidic are immunity problems, exposure to toxins or a poor diet.

An acidic organism, not able to absorb minerals, may lead to arthritis, MS, fibromyalgia, lupus, general pain and even cancer cells. Cancer cells especially prefer acidic environments and transform glucose ferments into lactic acid. The pH levels in terminally ill cancer patients are very low because of this, ranging between 4.0 and 5.5.

An alkaline organism has little to fear from these types of illnesses, which is why it is vital to keep an eye on your pH balance. Checking your pH levels doesn’t require a visit to the doctor, as you can do it at home with some pH test strips.

It is best to check the pH balance in the morning, since the body tends to be more acidic then, giving you more realistic results. You should check your urine and saliva. They both should have a pH between 6.5 and 7.5. It’s best to check the saliva about 2 hours after a meal.

Other measures against an imbalance in pH levels are striving to live an overall healthier life, drinking plenty of fluids, avoiding stress and exercising regularly to diminish any acidity in the body.

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