Simple Varicose Veins Treatment That Works Like A Charm

Varicose veins are a common enough problem amongst women. If your mom has them, there’s a good chance you’ll have them too. This is due mainly to genetic risk factors which have been passed on to you. Varicose veins can be really annoying and in some cases quite troubling.

If you experience swelling, aching, pain in the legs, it is time to think about treatment. Generally, varicose veins begin appearing in your late twenties, usually with women, though men can suffer them too. The causes can differ, but mainly, varicose veins appear due to aging, genetics, a sedentary lifestyle, circulation problems or hormonal changes. There are lots of types of medications and ointments for this condition.  But, before hitting the pharmacy, why not try a natural remedy?

The one we’ll discuss today is a simple mixture of aloe vera, apple oil, and carrots. It is completely natural and quite effective against the discomfort this condition can cause.

To make it you’ll need ingredients most people have in the pantry.

– Half cup of aloe vera gel

– Half cup of carrot

– Apple vinegar

To make the ointment, simply put the aloe vera and carrot in a blender. Blend thoroughly and during this add the apple cider vinegar to the mixture little by little. Continue blending until a smooth, cream-like texture is achieved.

How to use it?

To use, apply the mixture to the troubling areas generously. Massage it in lightly, then put your feet up and get comfortable for around 30 minutes. After the time has passed, wipe away the mixture with cold water. You should feel a slight improvement right away. With natural remedies, remember that consistency is key. Apply the treatment regularly for best results.

Another treatment to try at home is a quick massage. It’s fairly easy to do but you must remember some rules to do it successfully. First, never massage the varicose veins directly. Start by massaging your feet and slowly work your way up to your hips. This helps mobilize blood and improves blood flow. Use your palms to perform the massage, avoiding using your fingertips to exert pressure. An essential oil can be an excellent addition to the massage. Try cypress to reduce fluid retention and improve circulation or juniper berry oil for a nice stimulation of the blood flow. The massage is most effective when your legs are raised up. Try for a 45-degree angle for best results.

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