How to Use Vaseline

The Vaseline, a petroleum-based gel, is used in home remedies, beauty routines, and in a variety of household projects. With this article, you will learn how to incorporate Vaseline into your beauty routine, your household chores, and when to avoid Vaseline.

There are several ways to use Vaseline.

  1. Use Vaseline to soften rough skin. Vaseline is not a moisturizer, but it can be used to soften skin. You can use it for dry skin, especially during winter, to help protect the skin exposed to adverse weather conditions.

To help moisturize the skin you should apply Vaseline to your elbows or knees and rid the areas of any ashy texture or appearance. You should also apply a thin coat of Vaseline at night if you have callouses or rough spots on your feet, and after that slip on clean socks, and in the morning your feet should feel a bit softer.

Before you apply fake tanning lotions on your body, first apply a small amount of Vaseline on dry spots and this will help you to prevent uneven tanning. You should use petroleum jelly after shaving because it can be used to smooth the skin.

  1. Apply Vaseline to highlight around your eyes. When used alone or with makeup, Vaseline is a product that highlights the natural beauty of your eyes.

If you want to make new colors you should use a touch of Vaseline mixed with powder eyeshade pigment. Some people when they want to create a shiny effect apply Vaseline under their eyeshadow. If you have unruly eyebrows, you can use Vaseline to tame them, by brushing a small amount across them. You can also use it to define your lashes.

Many people believe with Vaseline your eyelashes may grow longer, so if you are one of them, apply a thin coat to your eyelashes before you go to bed.

  1. Use petroleum jelly on your nails. If you want a softer, better-looking cuticles, rub Vaseline onto them several times a day. It is often used as part of a manicure as well, to help make the cuticles pliable for tending back. If you have a week-old nail polish and you want to make it look new again, rub a small dab over the polish. This will help in restoring the glisten and shine.
  2. Apply it to your lips. If you have chapped lips in cold or dry weather, apply a very small layer of Vaseline and it will help you retain moisture and keep your lips from drying out.
  3. Apply Vaseline on your teeth. This may seem odd, but it is an old stage-hand trick that is used to get dancers and other performers more enthusiastic about grinning because Vaseline prevents your lips from sticking to your teeth and when done correctly, it can help avoid getting lipstick on the teeth.
  4. Use Vaseline on your hair. Using Vaseline can be very effective treatment in some cases. If you want to reduce scaling and itching associated with dandruff use Vaseline. And when dyeing hair, use Vaseline as a mask around the hairline because it protects against harmful hair dyeing, perming and straightening chemicals. Vaseline can be used instead of mousse or styling gel.
  5. Apply Vaseline to rashes caused by chaffing. The most common use of Vaseline is in helping to prevent chaffing-related rashes or irritation caused by clothes. It is used by runners and cyclists who often apply a small amount of Vaseline to the insides of the thighs.

The second method is to use Vaseline for a cough.

  1. You should take your shirt off and apply some Vaseline to your bare chest, but make sure you cover your entire chest.
  2. Then wait for it to dry before putting your shirt back on.
  3. This will help you to clear your chest so you can breathe better.

The third method is to use Vaseline around the house.

  1. Use Vaseline to ease off stuck-on rings. If you have a wedding band or other ring stuck on your fingers, then the petroleum jelly is ideal for slipping off the stuck on rings because it works great as a lubricant. Some people use it on their ears because it helps them make earring insertion easy and painless.
  2. Use a tiny dab to put a quick shine on your shoes and bags. This is an easy and cheap way to shine up your shoes and bags, just use a very tiny amount of Vaseline to help you restore the shine and texture.
  3. Use Vaseline for organic craft projects. Many food carvings and other organic art projects can have their life extended if you apply a small amount of Vaseline to the edges.
  4. Use Vaseline to lubricate moving parts. If you want your door hinges, sticky zippers, and the moving parts in mechanical toys to keep working properly, lubricate them. You should also rub Vaseline on the neck of your nail polish bottles so they don’t get stuck to the caps.
  5. Use Vaseline for pet-care. You should probably first talk with your veterinarian about the proper products and approaches to dealing with serious issues, but still, Vaseline is a common home remedy for a variety of cat and dog related afflictions.

Vaseline is used in helping ease hairballs in cats, by feeding them a tiny dab of Vaseline which helps relieve hairball symptoms, making them pass it quickly and easily.

The dog’s foot pads tend to get dried out in the winter, so apply to help soften their skin, and keep the dogs from licking it off.

  1. Use Vaseline to avoid battery corrosion. There are many different household batteries that are susceptible to leaks and corrosion over time, and this can be quite dangerous. So to avoid this, apply a small dab of Vaseline every time you change the battery.

The fourth method is to avoid common misuses.

  1. Do not use petroleum jelly on burns. Vaseline should never be used as an analgesic or antiseptic. It is a very poor choice to apply Vaseline to fresh burns, cuts, and abrasions. However, Vaseline makes a variety of different Intensive Care lotions which are more appropriate to use on burns.
  2. Use care when using Vaseline as a personal lubricant. It is not appropriate to use Vaseline together with latex condoms because petroleum jelly actively dissolves latex which increases the chances of a condom breaking. It is best to use water-soluble lubricants with latex condoms.
  3. Do not use Vaseline on new tattoos. New tattoos should never be treated with Vaseline. It draws ink from fresh tattoos, clogs the pores and with that, it increases the chances of a breakout that can ruin the new ink. Instead, you should use specialty products to help moisturize the area and promote healing.
  4. Do not use Vaseline as an acne or rosacea cure. It is inadvisable to use Vaseline as a treatment for acne, or other skin conditions because Vaseline seals the skin and dries it out, but with that it creates the appearance of moisturizing.
  5. Do not use Vaseline as a moisturizer. If a dermatologist told you to use a moisturizer, then use a moisturizing lotion, because if using Vaseline, it creates a moisture barrier that keeps your skin from being able to breathe, and this can make your skin problems worse.
  6. Do not use Vaseline as an anti-fungal. Vaseline is extremely ineffective when it comes to fungus, instead, you should use something that has anti-fungal properties, like coconut oil.

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