How To Soothe Skin Irritation And Allergy


The health awareness among people increasingly considers probiotics as a key to maintaining as well as improving digestive balance. In fact, the medical practice lately, recommends probiotic supplements for restoring gut flora before and after antibiotic use.

The recent evidence about the positive effects of probiotics shows that probiotics can also improve the resistance to skin allergic reactions, especially in infants and therefore boost the immune’s system. Such research was conducted on a group of pregnant women with histories of allergic reactions. They were given differently, probiotic strains and a placebo pill with inactive ingredients in their last weeks to test the occurrence of skin reactions, such as eczema. None of them was informed about what was being given.

Furthermore, most of the children born were monitored and placed on probiotics for a period of one year. The results afterward showed that the presence of eczema among probiotic consumers decreased twice compared to the other group given placebo pills.

Although the use of probiotics and placebos on children was discontinued afterward, the observation still continued. What followed was a reduced variation between the above groups in terms of developing eczema as children approached the age of two.

However, differences still existed and the research findings were published as relevant evidence in an allergy-related journal, demonstrating the beneficial effects of probiotic consumption on offspring protection in mothers prone to allergies.

Moreover, another research finding covered food allergies in mice as milk protein intolerant. The findings published in a nutrition-related journal involved a diet based on probiotic-rich and prebiotic-rich drinking milk. It was confirmed that probiotics significantly improved skin reactions as a form of intolerance to milk proteins found in whey.

The above findings can certainly help fighting against the considerable percentage of various allergies to food in children. Probiotics are particularly useful natural food allergy remedy.

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