DIY Body Wrap For Weight Loss

Have you ever wondered how celebrities always look amazing on the red carpet? They’re just human after all, but always manage to be slim and fit when strutting for the photographers. The secret is body…

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Can Omega-3s Fight Depression?

The fatty acids that are found in foods like fish oil and nuts are called omega-3s and are linked to improved memory and heart health. But they may also reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety….

Soak Your Steak in Coffee (and Other Tips)

Not only does the coffee is a great pre-workout boost and amazing for us, but the use of coffee is beyond an easy way to wake up. You can take your favorite blend beyond breakfast…

What Do Different Menstrual Blood Colours Mean?

Menstrual cycles are a monthly occurrence that usually lasts for about a week. A host of problems is usually associated with the period, including headaches, stomach pain and heavy cramps. Everyone who gets their period…