Amazing Beauty Hacks That Will Leave You Looking Stunning With Minimum Effort

We all want to look our best every day. Most of the time, however, this means we have to spend hours doing hair and makeup and honestly, who has the time for that today? What I’ve always strived for is to make my daily routine as simple and quick as possible.

Being in the industry for a while, I’ve learned a few things that come in handy when you want the look but don’t have the time to put in the effort. And if a great beauty hack can save time, it’s definitely worth a try. I will share with you five of my favorite tips ( and I may have added some extras).

  1. Lips

This is a great lip care tip. Before I apply any lipstick, I first brush my lips with a charcoal-infused toothbrush. This helps remove dead skin cells and keeps your lips looking youthful. I follow with my lipstick, infused with a tiny bit of peppermint essential oil. The oil gives an instant plump look to your lips.

  1. Eyes

I have naturally short lashes. So, to add length to my lashes, I have a work-out routine. I first brush my eyelashes with an eyelash brush. Next, I heat up my lash curler with a hairdryer, to add some curl to my lashes. Finally, I apply my usual liner and mascara. An extra tip to try is lining the top part of your eyelash curler with eyeliner before using it. This way it will apply the eyeliner for you.

  1. Skin

This tip is great for properly preparing your skin for make-up. Before putting any on, I always give my face a quick ice facial. This helps shrink the pores and gives the skin a botox-y look since it’s basically frozen. And make-up is incredibly easy to put on after it. After I put on all my makeup I like to spray my face with rosewater. This adds a dewy look to the skin and helps set the make-up. At the moment I’m using a rose water spray that also contains coconut oil, geranium oil, and vitamin E.

  1. Perfume

I love when a perfume lasts all day, but that’s rarely the case. I recently stumbled across a piece of advice that if you put some Aquaphor on your wrists, neck, etc. before putting perfume on, it will make it last longer. I tried it and it actually works. Another tip is to try is spraying your hairbrush with it. The scent will linger onto your hair after brushing.

  1. Hair

These two tips are more for prevention. The first is to get a shower filter. Lots of showers have hard water which can negatively impact your hair. The second tip is to sleep on a silk pillowcase, as this will prevent any breakage at night.

I hope you found these tips helpful. Try them out and enjoy all the time they free up!

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