These Are Some Of The Greatest Natural Tips You Will Ever Encounter

Natural Tips

We are usually taught the medicine is the best way to resolve whatever health problem ails us. However, a lot of minor problems might be resolved by using common items you most likely have at home. Read on for seven simple tips on how to deal with certain ailments.

Darkness for a better sleep

We’ve been hearing for quite a while that it’s best for our health to turn off all screens an hour or two before going to bed. But why is this exactly? A research suggests that light during our sleep can inhibit the production of melatonin, which is a hormone produced in darkness that regulates our moods. So by going to sleep in total darkness, we can make sure sufficient melatonin in the body is produced. To ensure total darkness before going to sleep, try turning off all screens and sources of light (even charging devices) and invest in thick curtains to stop streetlights from disturbing your sleep.

Honey for hay fever

Hay fever is the bane of numerous people every year. It appears when a person is highly sensitive to pollen. A common way to treat hay fever and its symptoms is to take antihistamines. However, these are usually used for short-term relief. A possible solution to this is taking local honey every day. It is thought that a spoonful of honey a day since it contains bee pollen, can desensitize your body to pollen overall. The best way to try this tip is to take honey each day, two to three months before the usual hay fever season starts.

Dirt for immunity

While avoiding bacteria in order to not get sick is common sense, overdoing it might actually be counterproductive. To be clear, proper hygiene is paramount in our lives, but entirely eliminating dirt is not. Research suggests that a small amount may even have some benefits. Apparently, soil contains certain bacteria which can, when interacted with, help us boost our immune system. The best way to do this is to do some work in a garden or go for a walk in nature.

Limes for a headache

Headaches and migraines are one of the more annoying and persistent health problem people face today. Different medication works for different people, but taking it too often isn’t always the best option. Another solution to try, if you want a break from pills, are limes. The citrusy scent of the fruit relives headache symptoms, while the coolness help with the pain. To use a lime for this purpose, slice it in half and gently massage the area where the headache is located.

Spearmint tea for hormonal balance

It is widely known that many herbal teas offer health benefits and spearmint tea is no exception. Turkish researchers have found that it may help with restoring and maintaining hormonal balance with women. Spearmint tea has natural anti-androgen properties, which means that it is effective in managing a surplus of male sex hormones in women. According to the researchers, about two cups of tea a day will help reduce the levels of male hormones thus eliminating the common consequences of such imbalance, like acne and facial hair.

Sugar for hiccups

Hiccups can be annoying and sometimes difficult to get rid of. A spoonful of sugar might be the answer. The logic behind this is that sugar stimulates the vagus nerve. For those who don’t know, this nerve transmits sensory information concerning the body’s organs to the brain. Some sugar actually makes it forget to hiccup. The nerve gets distracted by the sugar, focuses the muscles on that and stops the hiccups. Next time, before holding your breath, try some sugar first.

Vodka for foot odour

Alcohol has natural antiseptic and drying properties. This makes it a perfect tool to fight foot odour with. Food odour appears when bacteria grows in moist areas on the feet. By cleaning the feet with alcohol, not only will you kill off the bacteria, but you will also dry out all the moisture. Vodka is perfect for this task because it is odourless. This, of course, isn’t a substitute for regular foot hygiene, but rather a quick fix or a step in our routine.

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