5 Foods That Lower Your Blood Sugar Quickly

If you want to manage your blood sugar then you need to eat whole foods, plant-based diet. Several different hormonal responses in your body are controlled by your blood sugar and all of them contribute to your energy, your mood, and even your hunger levels. In order to prevent or manage Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and hypoglycemia you need to have healthy blood sugars. And the diet that supports your blood sugar can help prevent obesity.

The plant-based foods have fiber and that is the main reason why they are so supportive of blood sugar levels because the fiber slows down the release of sugar within the bloodstream, and this helps steady the insulin levels. And those blood sugar “ups and downs” that foods who are high in refined sugars, animal foods, and highly-processed foods can cause are prevented by this.

All you have to do to take care of your blood sugar is to prioritize higher fiber sources of whole foods versus foods lower in fiber, such as foods that have refined or added sugars, animal products and most processed foods. You need to focus on eating foods that do support your blood sugar and there are some pretty delicious plant-based foods and meals you can make with them. Not only do these foods will keep you energized and satisfied but they will provide your body with vitamins, minerals, fiber, healthy fats, and even some protein.

Here are five foods that will do that: magnesium-rich leafy greens, seeds, cacao, almonds, and whole grains.

  1. Magnesium-rich leafy greens;

There are many leafy greens: kale, spinach, romaine, arugula, collards, turnip greens, all lettuces, Swiss chard, dandelion greens and you won’t make a mistake even if you choose only one of these because they are all wonderful for your blood sugar. But have in mind that magnesium acts like a “super nutrient” once it enters your body and only a few of these greens are rich in magnesium: kale, spinach, collards, romaine, and Swiss chard. If you use any of these greens in a smoothie, be sure to rotate them.

  1. Seeds;

Seeds are wonderful sources of vitamins, minerals like magnesium, protein, and even iron. The seeds from chia, flax, sunflower, pumpkin, hemp and sesame seeds are powerhouses of nutrition. The seeds from chia have 24% of your daily magnesium requirements, and the seeds from chia, hemp, and flax are high in fiber, with as much as 10 to 15 grams in two tablespoons. All of these seeds are rich in protein, and their nutritional profile supports your blood sugar on every single level. You can add a few tablespoons of these seeds to your meals and you can even try them in some yummy oatmeal, or a nice smoothie, or mixed into a snack, or sprinkle them on soup or salad.

  1. Cacao;

The cacao bean is the most abundant source of magnesium, and it is a source of fiber, iron, and even protein and this is good for your blood sugar. Probably it is not the best idea to eat cacao all day, but one or two ounces may lower your blood sugar. The chromium is a mineral that also helps lower blood sugar and cacao is rich with it, but it also might improve your focus, your mood, and even help you lose some weight. You can use cacao powder or nibs in a smoothie, or use them in energy bars and biters, or even stir them into any breakfast porridge.

  1. Almonds;

Another powerhouse of magnesium, fiber, and protein are the almonds. They contain a higher amount of magnesium than other nuts. All nuts are rich in chromium, even the almonds. Next time you get the munchies, just go for a handful of raw almonds.

  1. Whole grains.

Another great source of magnesium are oats, rice, wheat germ, amaranth, teff, quinoa, brown and wild rice, and millet. They can be made into a porridge for breakfast or used in various recipes.

Here is one bonus tip, sprinkle a little cinnamon onto any of your favorite blood-sugar recipes because cinnamon is rich in chromium and it is one of the most recommended foods for diabetics because of its ability to lower blood sugar quickly.

There are many foods rich in fiber and magnesium, along with protein and other nutrients that can support your blood sugar and other aspects of your health, and some of these foods include beans, legumes, vegetables like broccoli and carrots, and seaweed such as kelp and spirulina.

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