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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Free Gift For Those Of You Who Believe In The Magic Of Life!

It’s the holiday season, my dear people. New Year’s and Christmas are approaching, another year has passed. Time flies, huh? There is an amazing season ahead of us that some have eagerly been waiting for, whilst others will find it depressing and melancholic. And regardless

10 Amazing Health Benefits of an Orgasm

Let’s say most people find sex enjoyable. There’s no lie there. But there are people who don’t, and it’s safe to assume that they are definitely doing something wrong. Having an orgasm is not just to provide vast fountains of pleasure, but to actually rewire

How To Reach Orgasm Every Time?

The female orgasm has for a long time been a fascination for the media. On TV we’ve seen everything, from the stuck-up housewife who has never reached climax to the Samantha Jones types whose toes curl every time they have sex. So, how to get

7 Anti-Aging Tricks That Every Woman Over 50 Should Use

We all know what a 50-year-old body looks like because we live in one every single day. Even the latest anti-aging creams and capsules won’t make us look younger. But there are plenty of things to do to look and feel great, and they won’t