16 Home Remedies for UTI: How to Get Rid of Pain without Antibiotics

If you are a woman, then it is very likely that you had or will have urinary tract infection (UTI). This infection occurs due to E-coli. The urethra, a pipe from our urinary system, takes the urine from the bladder and leads it out of the body and if the infection is not treated properly, the bacteria can reach the kidneys.

When having this infection, you will experience these following symptoms: having a burning sensation while peeing, the constant need to urinate, but you only get out a few drops, changes in the urine color and smell, pain on the lower back or abdomen, and chills or fever (if the infection is in your kidneys) or fatigue.

If you have any of these symptoms and want to make sure you have this infection, you should see a doctor and give a urine sample. The sample will tell for sure what kind of bacteria you have in your urinary tract and do not worry, you can use plenty of home remedies for the infection. We will list sixteen of them.

Home remedies for this infection are: cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, probiotics, herbs for UTI, vitamins C and A, marshmallow tea, parsley, blueberries, amla, horseradish root, tea tree oil, ginger tea, pineapple, water bottles, and mint, ginger, and juniper berries homemade tea.

  1. Cranberry juice;

This juice is one of the most famous natural remedies because of the A-type proanthocyanidins which are an active ingredient, extremely efficient against the bacteria that causes the infection. Studies have shown that this type of bacteria has extremities which resemble hair called fimbria and it is easy for them to get stuck to the urethra walls, and the fimbria’s capabilities of clinging on to things are neutralized by the combination of acids from cranberries and because of this the chances for reappearance of the infection are reduced. But you should find fresh cranberries to eat them or cranberry capsules. And you can use this juice to prevent the infection from reappearing. You can drink two glasses per day.

  1. Apple cider vinegar;

If you want to get rid of urinary tract infection, then apple cider vinegar can help you in that. The compounds in vinegar can prevent the bacteria from multiplying. You will need one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and one glass of water. All you have to do is mix the two ingredients and drink the mixture, and you should follow this treatment for several days.

But you should pay attention to your body and symptoms because it may be possible that your urine will get more acidic because of the acetic acid in vinegar.

  1. Baking soda;

The alkaline structure of the baking soda can rebalance the acidity in your urine and help you get rid of the infection fast. It can also reduce the burning sensation. All you need to do is take a glass and combine one teaspoon of baking soda with eight ounces of water and stir it until it dissolves, and you should drink this remedy in the morning, before breakfast for seven days, but if you are trying to avoid salt, then don’t use this cure more than one week because of the high amount of sodium.

  1. Probiotics;

Probiotics live in our intestines and our genitourinary tract and they are good bacteria. The number of probiotics decreases when an infection occurs. The role of probiotics is to reduce inflammation through the immune system, to produce substances that prevent harmful bacteria from sticking to cell membranes and to produce mucin that acts as a natural barrier against all pathogens. You should begin eating yogurt or drinks that are high in probiotics like kefir or kombucha and you should add them to your daily diet.

  1. Herbs for UTI – uva ursi, dandelion, hydrangea, and horsetail tea;

Different herbs have different properties, and uva ursi, dandelion, hydrangea, and horsetail tea are some of the herbs you can use for urinary tract infection.

Uva ursi – an herb that has an anti-bacterial effect because of its active compound, arbutin. But in order to act efficiently, the uva ursi needs an alkaline environment and it is necessary to associate this remedy with baking soda water if you want your pH in your urine to become alkaline. This can be taken in the form of tincture or capsules. And you can prepare a tea. All you need is five ounces of water and one ounce of dried uva ursi leaves. But before you prepare the drink, you need to soak the dried plant for at least half a day in the water. Then, when this is done, bring five ounces of water to a boil and pour it over one ounce of dried uva ursi leave and let it infuse for 14 to 16 minutes, then strain the liquid and sip the tea. You should repeat this three to four times a day for five days in a row, but do not use this remedy if you are breastfeeding or pregnant.

Dandelion – a plant with a diuretic effect, which pushes a larger quantity or urine through the bladder which has a washing effect. You can prepare a tea of dandelion or use dandelion leaves in your salads.

Hydrangea – very useful for infections that reached the kidneys. The symptoms of any pain, abdominal or urethral are alleviated by the hydrangea. You can use it in a salad or you can prepare a tea.

Horsetail tea – another herb used as a pain relief which contains tannins, an astringent compound. This compound has a constrictive effect on the inflammation of the epithelial tissues. The kidneys filter because of the horsetail and they throw away any bacteria and toxins and increases the urine amount. The flavonoids, an active compound, have a calming effect on the spasms that appear together with urinary infection. You need a dried plant if you want to prepare a horsetail infusion and it is better to add dandelion to the tea. All you need is one tablespoon of dried horsetail, a cup of water, and one tablespoon of dried dandelion. You need to combine the dried plants in a mug and pour the boiling water, then you should cover and steep for about 10 minutes, then strain to remove all the parts of the herbs and enjoy your tea. But if you want your tea to be sweeter, then add a teaspoon of raw honey and remember to drink two cups of this tea per day for several days.

  1. Vitamins C and A;

The immune system is stimulated by the vitamin C, and because of this, the organism is capable of fighting the infections. To reach the appropriate amount of vitamin C, you should increase the dose of lemons and citric fruits in your diet, and you may add some supplements.

The role of vitamin A is to act as a protective barrier for cells against the “bad” bacteria because it has a regenerating effect and it is helpful in forming new cells. This vitamin can be found in the form of beta-carotene from fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, apricots, pumpkins, papaya, orange bell peppers or cantaloupe, and to get your daily intake of vitamin A search for orange, yellow or red foods.

  1. Marshmallow tea;

Stimuli can be added to the immune system by this herb by enhancing its function. This herb can prevent the occurring of the infection or inhibit the growth of any pathogens. The bleeding in the urine can be stopped by the marshmallow because it has a soothing effect on the urinary tract. All you need is a cup of water and one tablespoon of dried marshmallow root. You need to add the chopped marshmallow root in a tea infuser and place it in a cup of boiling water and let the herb infuse for about 10 minutes and remove it from the container. From this tea, you should drink two or three cups per day for several days.

  1. Parsley;

A plant that has a diuretic effect and this quality can fasten the healing due to the fact that it helps kidneys to excrete a larger quantity of sodium, so your blood will contain less fluid, and the pressure on the arteries will go down. For this reason, diuretic plants are also used to treat high blood pressure. If you want to fully benefit from the properties of the parsley, you need to consume it fresh, and you can use it when dried, but this means that it may lose some of the beneficial effects. You can add it to salads, but you can also prepare parsley water. All you need is two cups of water and one cup of fresh parsley leaves. You should place the water into a small pot and bring it to a boil, then chop the leaves and add them to the water, but be sure to reduce the heat to a lower temperature and simmer for about 8 to 9 minutes, then after this, strain the plant leaves and enjoy the drink hot. But if it is too hot outside, you may take it to the fridge to chill down and you should drink one cup per day.

  1. Blueberries;

Blueberries prevent the fimbria of the bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract cells. As a whole fruit, blueberries contain a lot of anti-oxidants, very beneficial for the immune system. You can eat them as a snack or add them to your breakfast cereals.

  1. Amla;

There are some remedies that contain Amla and are called Ayurvedic remedies. Amla also contains vitamin C which helps against bacteria of all kinds and you combine Amla with turmeric, another powerful herb with an anti-inflammatory effect. All you need is a cup of water and one teaspoon of each amla powder and turmeric powder. You need to combine all three ingredients in a small pan and place it over medium-low heat, then simmer until the water evaporates and serve the liquid paste two or three times per day for five days. You can add it to your food if the taste isn’t right for you.

  1. Horseradish root;

This plant also has therapeutic effects on the whole body, and it has a pungent and spicy taste. It contains a compound called allyl isothiocyanate. This compound can kill the bacteria in an instant by going directly to its cellular membrane. All you need is one glass of milk or a piece of bread and a half teaspoon of horseradish root. You need to grate the root near a window because it will bring you to real tears because of the burning smell, then eat the spice and drink some milk or eat the bread, but do not drink water because it enhances the hotness of the plant. If you want a better taste, you can combine horseradish with a few drops of lemon and one teaspoon of honey and you need to follow this cure twice a day for several days. But if you experience a stomach ache, stop taking this remedy.

  1. Tea tree oil;

Do not ingest this kind of oil because it is extremely toxic. You can only use it externally. If you have a pain associated with urinary tract infection, then you should add 10 drops of tea tree oil in your bath water, then take a relaxing bath and rub the urethra opening with the water from the tub and you can massage your abdomen and the area close to the bladder while relaxing and this procedure will soothe your pain, making you feel relieved.

  1. Ginger tea;

When you have inflamed tissues or organs, the organism creates a process that is called prostaglandin synthesis, and during this process pain signals are sent to the neurons to communicate that something is wrong. But ginger can fight against this process and reduce the inflammation which is caused by urinary tract infection. For this condition, you should prepare a ginger tea. All you need is one teaspoon of grated ginger and a cup of water. You have to boil the water and add the ginger, then simmer for about 5 minutes, and strain the tea and if you want a more pleasant taste, add one teaspoon of honey. You should drink two or three cups per day for a week.

  1. Pineapple;

Pineapple contains bromelain, which is an enzyme that has anti-inflammatory effects and the symptoms associated with the urinary tract infection can be alleviated by it. You should always choose fresh pineapple and it isn’t important if you eat the fresh fruit or you squeeze the juice because the benefits still remain the same.

  1. Water bottles;

When you have urinary tract infection, you will probably have abdominal cramps as well. Your pain can be soothed by heat and it can relax your muscles, and bring you comfort in the bladder area. You have to boil some water and fill a water bottle, but make sure that the temperature is appropriate, and place yourself on a flat surface and put the water bottle on your belly, on the bladder area. By paying attention to your body gently press the bottle and if you feel tough pressure and more pain, then stop doing this. Relax with the bottle on your belly as long as you need or until the water gets cold.

  1. Mint, ginger, and juniper berry homemade tea.

This remedy combines more plants in order to fight effectively against the urinary tract infection. The urine can be alkalized by peppermint, changing the environment and inhibiting the growth of the bacteria. The quantity of urine can be increased by juniper berries because they have a diuretic effect. These plants, together with the anti-inflammatory action of the ginger, will stimulate the kidneys and will soothe the burning sensation that is associated with peeing. All you need is two teaspoons of fresh ginger, grated, four cups of water, 1/3 cup of mint leaves, fresh and two teaspoons of juniper berries, dried. You need to combine these ingredients in a small pot and bring everything to a boil, then simmer for 8 or 9 minutes and remove from the stove. After that, strain the liquid and drink two or three cups a day, and you can add one teaspoon of raw honey if you want your tea sweeter, but only after the liquid is cooled down.

Here are some ways to prevent and treat urinary tract infection:

  1. Drink a lot of water;

If you want to clean your bladder periodically, then you need to pee more often because water dilutes the urine and inhibits the growth of bacteria. And if you drink more water while having UTI, you will have some liquid to urinate. If you want to keep your urinary tract healthy you have to drink eight or more glasses of water per day.

  1. Urinate whenever you feel the need;

The developing of nasty bacteria is due to the fact that you keep your urine inside, so, don’t do it, don’t hold it.

  1. Pee after sex;

The germs can be moved from the vagina into the urethra when having intercourse, and this is the reason why you should always urinate after having sex and clean your vaginal area. This advice is good for men too, and another good advice is to wear a condom to prevent bacteria from spreading.

  1. Wipe correctly;

Bacteria can migrate from the vagina or the rectum into the urethra and if you want to keep away the bacteria from the rectum, you need to wipe from front to back.

  1. Avoid douching;

If you insert water into the vagina with the purpose of removing harmful germs, then don’t do it because it also flushes away the healthy organisms, the ones that keep the vaginal flora in the balance.

  1. Avoid long baths;

If your infections are repeating, then you should avoid baths and take showers because the water in the tub collects the bacteria from your skin or any bath products and get it into the urethra.

  1. Take care of your contraceptives;

Many women use contraceptive methods such as spermicides and diaphragms. Diaphragms are safe to use, but you should be careful if they allow you to empty the bladder completely, because if not, then you have a problem that could lead to urinary tract infection. And do not use spermicides when you want to get rid of a urinary tract infection because they alter the natural balance and your vagina and can also bring in bacteria.

  1. Choose cotton underwear;

If you have urinary tract infection, then avoid the silky underwear. And if you are prone to the infection, replace your underwear with cotton products.

  1. Watch the estrogen levels;

Women that have menopause have a decrease in the estrogen level and since this hormone is essential for keeping the good health of the vagina, the lack of it will leave the urinary tract exposed to dangerous bacteria, and therefore you should use an estrogen cream for external use, two times a week if you didn’t have uterine or breast cancer.

  1. Don’t stay wet.

When swimming, after you get out, change your clothes quickly in order to avoid the moisture and prevent any infection from happening.

This infection is more common in women, but men can suffer from this condition too. And their symptoms are quite the same. A particular characteristic of this infection in men could be some discharge from the penis, so it is best to see a doctor if you notice any unusual fluid.

The family doctor may prescribe antibiotics for this condition and if you have a recurring UTI, you will have to use a lot of drugs and because of this, the infection might get resistant. There is a downside to the home remedies as well. If you follow them for two weeks and don’t see any improvement, then it is best to look for help from another urinary disorders specialist.

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